I’m Sujeet Kumar (Google AdWords Certified), a freelance PPC expert based in Delhi. I have 5 years of experience managing PPC campaigns for small and large businesses, across a wide range of industries and markets.

I set up my website to help client’s leverage PPC search marketing to help them reach their products and services to their target audience and eventually make profit from business.

Please explore my website more to understand more about me, my knowledge, experience, clients and most importantly results which I have achieved with my PPC campaigns.

Based in Delhi, I’m willing to work with small and large clients and companies across Delhi NCR region (even Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad). You can give me a call or just fill up my contact form with details about your PPC project.

Please feel free to get in touch or give me a call on +91 9540-282930.

How I can help you manage your PPC Campaign?

Working as a freelance PPC expert, I have over 5 yrs of experience managing Pay Per click campaign for Google Adwords. I completely know very well what we have to do which platform to really make it effective. Instead of concentrating on small gimmicks, I rather focus on the main issue to create the potential Return on investment for that campaign. My work space is broadly split into 3 sections briefed below:

Understanding your requirement: As Pay per click campaign involves cost for every single click so its vital that you understand your needs to ensure that we are able to setup an offer to prevent false undesirable clicks and charges. Understanding target location, audience, timing, business structure and competition is the main a few things i begin with.

Pay Per Click Campaign Setup: Campaign setup is among the most significant stuff next. This lays the reason for Pay per click campaign. A great setup campaign supplies a huge possibility to get business traffic. The important thing here’s to know the company traffic keywords and begin with exact match keywords to ensure that we do not spend too much straightaway. Quality Score is again another major aspect which determines the efficiency from the campaign.

Website Landing Page optimization: Your website landing page is really a key factor that receives the traffic generated through the PPC channels therefore it must have everything that we’re advertising for which our audience is searching for! Website landing page must have all possible elements to really make it effective like Telephone number, enquiry form, product/services details etc at the best place so the customer do not need to to navigate further lower for conversion.

Why Choose Freelancers for AdWords Campaign?

With utilizing a Freelancer you’ll have a much more transparency too, most Freelance PPC experts allows the customer accessibility Pay Per Click account that’s setup so the client can easily see what they’re spending their cash on. Chances are the PPC consultant will require a regular monthly management fee. This really depends on your budget the industry standard will be around 15-20% of your overall spend on top of your budget for their management fee.

It’s worth obtaining a PPC expert aboard, after recent occasions I personally took over numerous accounts which were setup by Reachlocal and also to be fair sloppy isn’t the term with regards to the setup and research put in the campaigns I have seen. I’ve saw clients targeting areas and keywords that you simply wouldn’t believe. A novice couldn’t possibly have it so wrong even when it had been their first campaign. My impression would be that the campaigns are positioned up very rapidly without any thought put in it.

PPC, it isn’t ABC…

As the concepts are easy, nailing a effective Pay per click campaign which supplies the outcomes you would like for that cost-per-click you are able to expend isn’t any mean task. I understand how to hone a minimal-cost, high conversion Pay per click campaign that can bring you substantially more for the money.

Most companies can operate a Pay per click campaign, however it takes skill, understanding and insight to optimse your Return on investment and efficient campaign management. I use a variety of sophisticated strategies to help clients squeeze every last drop of worth from compensated search. Listed here are a couple of from the methods up our sleeves:

Researching the market:  To make use of your ideal customer’s mindset we have to understand your company as well as your marketplace. We take time to become familiar with your competitors, your target audience, their frustrations, their demands as well as your service all to assist us create impressive, targeted ads which trigger click throughs and conversions like nobody’s business.

Market and keyword research:  Intelligent market and keyword research is prime to the highly effective Pay per click campaign. It isn’t about obtaining the greatest amount of searches for the money. In the end, what’s the purpose in 10,000 clicks if visitors don’t convert? That’s some very pricey traffic. Rather we consider searcher intent, happens inside a buying journey each keyword represents, relevance and check volume altogether, to create the finest value of all the click.

A/B testing: Who watches the watchmen? Well, we all do. I will always be monitoring their very own performance and dealing to enhance costs per click. We frequently test our most effective ads to make certain we’re while using perfect bit of internet marketing that has the very best effect for clients.

Please feel free to get in touch or give me a call on +91 9540-282930.