My name is Sujeet kumar and I am a freelance SEO expert based in Delhi with 10 years of experience. I optimise websites using google friendly “WHITE HAT” seo practices. This means that no matter what happens, your website will never be penalized with any past or future Google algorithmic updates.

I enjoy working with small businesses based in Delhi NCR(Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad) region. Please get in touch for your SEO project so that I can kick start your SEO project in no time.

Departing my permanent job was by choice when i wanted to behave of my very own which help medium and small companies in Delhi NCR(Not to mention across all over India). It’s been 10 months now since i have act as a complete time Search engine optimization freelancer.

Search engine optimization isn’t a science but without a doubt an engineering which evolves and improves with time. It is crucial that you revisit your Search engine optimization strategy together with your Agency or Consultant each year to become inline using the Google guidelines. Now if we are in 2017, its a great time to possess a catchup together with your Search engine optimization expert.

Understand the SEO Game :

SEO looks like an easy game and I meet developers, designers everyday who say they are “SEO experts”.

I have also met lot of clients who say

I know lot of SEO and even have in-house SEO expert (Hired for $200/month) but my site does not rank even after doing everything.

Of course you can learn SEO yourself (like I did in last 10 years) however it’s important to keep in mind that search engine game is not easy, simply because it is very dynamic in nature. The SEO tactics and strategies which were best practices some years age are considered “100% SPAM” by Google today. You need to be on your toes with SEO news, Algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and RankBrain to make strategic suggestions for your clients else they will lose business in no time.

Exactly what do I actually do – Just Search engine optimization?

I’m a search marketer, meaning I actually do organic Search engine optimization in addition to compensated search campaigns on the internet Adwords (AdWords Certified since last many years). However, I’d state that Search engine optimization is my first wife(five years old) also it would be a love initially sight J. I acquired married to PPC couple of many have mastered the skill of prospecting from Pay Per Click. In a nutshell, I really like each of them and may help any company grow using Search engine optimization and Google Adowrds/Ppc.

Can Search engine optimization work with any web site?

I receive large amount of leads every single day from this site because it will rank very well on search phrases like Search engine optimization expert, Search engine optimization Expert in Delhi, Search engine optimization Consultant, Search engine optimization consultant in Delhi and much more. Since I Have have limited bandwidth, I am unable to use everybody simple because Search engine optimization cannot work with any web site. It really can but you need to look at this to understand I’m saying. You’ll have to realize that Search engine optimization is definitely an ongoing race which requires training. As with every other competition exam or sport you have to begin with basics and train hard so you out beat your competition in lengthy term and not simply a flock.

Let’s understand by example:

Let’s if you have a boy who’s 80 kg in weight and you’ve got an aspiration he should win 200m Olympic race. Put forth an athletics private coach and say that you would like to race other in next Olympic games and win 200 m race. Now a great coach would provide you with a genuine feedback and propose that you child might not be prepared to take part in next Olympic games since it is a significant competition and you’ve got to get ready to sign up for the reason that level. The very best what he is able to do is start working out process in which the child needs to shed extra pounds and begin running every single day to construct speed and stamina. Then the next phase is always to take part in small local races after which continue for bigger milestones.

Now here’s an example with Search engine optimization:

If some involves me having a rubbish design, duplicate content kerala travel website and state that they would like to rank on “Kerala Tourism” in next 6 several weeks and more importantly they don’t want to alter their existing rubbish design and content i then only will say “NO” as their site won’t ever rank. You will find Search engine optimization experts and professionals in Delhi NCR region who’ll still take these projects to earn some cash for couple of several weeks however i canrrrt do that. I value each client’s time and money. Being an Search engine optimization expert I’ll consult them concerning the Search engine optimization process where they’re going to have to alter the website design, experience, content and architecture to first allow it to be qualified to position on local keywords like kerala tour packages from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Once website gains momentum in traffic from local keywords, we are able to arrange for next stage of keywords and continue.

Why do you want Search engine optimization?

Occupy real estate: To this day I’d state that the marketplace isn’t competitive for local keywords. Levels of competition are less and chance is unlimited with Search engine optimization. This is an excellent time for you to occupy digital real estates (positions on internet search engine with assistance of Search engine optimization consultant) for those local company related keywords. This gives you early mover advantage in lengthy term.

PPC gets costly every single day: There’s a method to rank rapidly on-page 1 by having to pay Google on ppc basis. This is an excellent method to start when you’re lacking qualified prospects. However, what we view within the last five years the cost-per-click is continuing to grow Multifood because of competition and will also keep growing because it a putting in a bid model. A great search engine marketing strategy is always to purchase Search engine optimization in the very initial phase by engaging an Search engine optimization agency or perhaps an Search engine optimization expert in parallel together with your Pay per click campaign. The aim ought to be to reduce PPC budget within the next 12 months and occupy property on internet search engine using Search engine optimization. This can remove reliance upon Pay per click campaign.

Beat your competition: If you’re new running a business however , possess a great product or perhaps a service which individuals will enjoy then Search engine optimization can certainly help you beat your competition without giving a large hole in your wallet. Particularly if you have been in Business to business business.

Many people make Search engine optimization Mistakes. Are you currently one of these?

The greatest mistake which the majority of the companies or individuals make they attempt to interact with a search engine optimization consultant, a specialist or perhaps an Search engine optimization Agency, once they complete the website development and design process.

Search engine optimization always starts before growth and development of an internet site. Clients who delegate projects face large amount of difficulty applying Search engine optimization protocols after web development. It is because the majority of the designer, developers as well as big web design companies don’t have inhouse experienced Search engine optimization professionals to provide them assistance with best Search engine optimization practices. They often concentrate on module development and deployment as reported by the discussed scope using the client. Sticking to Search engine optimization protocols is one thing that is at the end of the task list or mind.

If you wish to leverage organic traffic in your website then Internet search engine optimization expert ought to be hired in the very initial phase of web development. Right engagement of Search engine optimization expert together with your team of developers is essential to apply the best Search engine optimization architecture.

What’s Search engine optimization Architecture?

Websites architecture is much like a building architecture associated with a building or perhaps an apartment. Your house you visit a condo where you’ve got a toilet entry from balcony and bed room entry from bathroom. How difficult it might be that you should look for a bed room or toilet within this situation? – Difficult right?. Similarly web site is also much like your apartment where you want to have right entry and exits for the internal pages. Internet search engine robots or bots are much like any guest visiting the web site every now and then willing and able to determine any new pages within the website, which they wish to rank whether it can solve service related query of the internet search engine users.

Before even considering ranking an internet site for just about any keyword, you should help make your website qualified to position on search engines like google. If your company is in India and anywhere close to Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon or Faridabad, then my search engine optimization talking to services will help you find internet search engine optimization roadblocks inside your website making it 100% qualified to position on search engines like google.

On-page Search engine optimization – Layman’s perspective

I love explaining internet search engine optimization to some layman with real existence examples. To know on-page search engine optimization, I must get you for your school or college days, where we’d internal assessment and exterior examination. Internal assessment always had some easy assignments which will help us to attain more marks and improve our chances to become among toppers within the college or college – Right?. Similarly on-site search engine optimization is similar to internal assessment of school where we ought to focus many get easy points for the web site to rank greater on search engines like google. My on-page search engine optimization professional services will help you extract maximum from your website and provide you with an advantage over your competition immediately.

Off-site Search engine optimization – Google States “Natual Link Building”

We spoken about on-site Search engine optimization above and understood that it is vital that you perform the right things inside the site to obtain the maximum Search engine optimization value and supply positive signals to the various search engines. But, what should there be some that have excellent content and also have adopted best Search engine optimization practices? Now this brings off-page Search engine optimization within the picture.

Off-page Search engine optimization basically is votes by other websites aimed at your website. To really make it more simpler, lets understand by a good example each kind of backlink building.

Illustration of Natural links

Mr X is definitely an ambitious Search engine optimization professional and desired to write your blog on “How schema’s will help you rank better on search engines like google. While looking for content associated with his idea, he found your blog “Seo best practices” on search engines like google which validates his assumption. He writes your blog and somewhere within the content he backlinks towards the your blog “Seo best practices” to validate his point before his readers. Here is counted like a positive election for the site owner who authored that content.

This really is how natural links are produced for any website. Engines like google love these kinds of links and provide excess fat-age to those site.

Search engine optimization freelancer or Search engine optimization Company?

A great question. Frankly there’s no method for you to blindly trust any organization or freelancer.

In my ten years of career as Search engine optimization consultant for multiple agencies I will tell you that many Search engine optimization agencies work just like a manufacturing company and Search engine optimization projects are labored being an set up line where every project is given same methodology.

Search engine optimization works very differently in each and every industry. Some Search engine optimization tactics which operate in travel might not operate in fashion or perhaps in ecommerce. Unlike Search engine optimization companies I like a freelancer comprehend the clients requirement, analyse the conclusion plus they strategy and implement what is the best for your company / industry.

Why Companies should Hire Search engine optimization Consultant?

Generally, companies struggle to obtain the right talent for search engine optimization. This may be due to various reasons like – insufficient understanding, financial constraints and former bad search engine optimization hiring experience.

The truth is worthwhile internet search engine optimization specialist who works together with an electronic marketing agency would hesitate to depart a company and join your organization which focus only in your internal search engine optimization marketing projects. Seem sensible? The easiest way using this scenario is to employ one local search engine optimization consultant (Freelancer or perhaps a consultant from the company).

Just how much will i charge?

Tobe very frank I’m costly than the majority of the freelancers and Search engine optimization agencies in Delhi NCR. I’m costly since i give personal focus on my client’s website, 3 occasions additional time than every other Search engine optimization agency and provide 200% to provide leads to minimum time. There’s no reason getting a cheap Search engine optimization freelancer if he fails to get results any significant result and all sorts of cash is wasted for free.

What’s incorporated in Search engine optimization services cost?

I actually do complete Search engine optimization including complete technical audit from the Site, On-site recommendations and changes and building authority links. I’ve got a small group of designer, developer and content author who assist me in performing technical changes and writing quality content for content based backlink building. In a nutshell, I manage every facet of Search engine optimization for the project from design to content.

Are we able to meet and discuss or phone you?

Obviously we are able to meet for any coffee if you’re located in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon region. We are able to repair a location that is central to the location and talk about any project. Should you resides in Delhi or India only then do we may have a video skype call (sujit2112)that is just like a in person meeting nowadays.


Latest SEO News

Google Algorithm Update On September 11th

I was offline the past two days but when I came back, I saw a nice amount of chatter of a possible Google update starting around September 11th. Most, not all, of the tools are showing significant volatility and there is some chatter. The chatter is not too extreme but some of the tracking tools are off the charts. That is not to say the chatter is not there, it 100% is there but not as big as the Medic Update at least.

We did see some early chatter last week, it died down quickly and now it is back up. We also saw some signs of an update on August 22nd. You can see all our confirmed and mostly unconfirmed Google updates in one place if you want.

The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has the chatter beginning September 10th, which normally is a day before the tools picking it up. Here is some of that chatter:

I just checked my stats for yesterday and I ended the day up over 20% with the jump in traffic starting at 8pm EDT. I was up over 50% between 8pm and midnight. If this sticks I would have recovered from the August 1st update. Its too early to tell how today will turn out. My fingers are crossed.

Big spike in semrush, means there is a very, very high probability an algorithm update is taking place. Watch the serps, it looks as wacky was it was in August. I am still checking how it affected my website. Fingers crossed for everyone that got hit by the recent updates.UPDATE! I dont see any major changes on my end yet.

My competitors (as usual) got the upper hand in the current update. I didnt budge anywhere yet but it can take more time, my guess is another 72 hours. I did improve a few things on my end, I truly hope google will ‘reward’ me with my old keywords.

It would appear that you are correct. The update Google pushed on 9/5/18 killed off what little conversions Google was sending to our site, though this was made up with increased sales on Amazon. Info queries remained about the same, but it does underscore the problem Google has with their attempts to remain relevant in the ecommerce sector after years of promoting Amazon with top domain crowded results. For some of our most important buyer keywords, Google had no problem giving Amazon the top three organic results. Google taught shoppers to go straight to Amazon and that’s what most of them do now – cutting Google out of the entire shopping cycle. We’ll see if what Google is pushing today will have any impact on conversions, but I’m not holding my breath.

We definitely saw a drop WOW. Seasonality is in play, but WOW on Monday was labor so it should have been up. Leads us to believe something is going on.

I rarely look at any of the SERP volatility tools, but I just noticed that SEMRush is showing ~9.3, which is among the highest I’ve ever seen on that particular tool. This is as of Wed 9/12 at 2 am ET. Visually inspecting a few phases across a couple of sectors that I monitor, I am not seeing any significant changes. Are any of you noticing anything noteworthy?

Big drop in traffic today, despite posting an article yesterday and it already reaching position zero. Google is like being friends with a narcissist, one day you’re fantastic, the next you’re dirt.

Here are screen shots from the tools.


click for full size


click for full size


click for full size

Advanced Web Rankings:

click for full size


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click for full size


click for full size

Did you notice changes? Let us know.

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Google’s August 1st Core Update: Week 1

On August 1, Google (via Danny Sullivan’s @searchliaison account) announced that they released a “broad core algorithm update.” Algorithm trackers and webmaster chatter confirmed multiple days of heavy ranking flux, including our own MozCast system:

Temperatures peaked on August 1-2 (both around 114°F), with a 4-day period of sustained rankings flux (purple bars are all over 100°F). While this has settled somewhat, yesterday’s data suggests that we may not be done.

August 2nd set a 2018 record for MozCast at 114.4°F. Keep in mind that, while MozCast was originally tuned to an average temperature of 70°F, 2017-2018 average temperatures have been much higher (closer to 90° in 2018).

Temperatures by Vertical

There’s been speculation that this algo update targeted so called YMYL queries (Your Money or Your Life) and disproportionately impacted health and wellness sites. MozCast is broken up into 20 keyword categories (roughly corresponding to Google Ads categories). Here are the August 2nd temperatures by category:

At first glance, the “Health” category does appear to be the most impacted. Keywords in that category had a daily average temperature of 124°F. Note, though, that all categories showed temperatures over 100°F on August 1st – this isn’t a situation where one category was blasted and the rest were left untouched. It’s also important to note that this pattern shifted during the other three days of heavy flux, with other categories showing higher average temperatures. The multi-day update impacted a wide range of verticals.

Top 30 winners

So, who were the big winners (so far) of this update? I always hesitate to do a winners/losers analysis – while useful, especially for spotting patterns, there are plenty of pitfalls. First and foremost, a site can gain or lose SERP share for many reasons that have nothing to do with algorithm updates. Second, any winners/losers analysis is only a snapshot in time (and often just one day).

Since we know that this update spanned multiple days, I’ve decided to look at the percentage increase (or decrease) in SERP share between July 31st and August 7th. In this analysis, “Share” is a raw percentage of page-1 rankings in the MozCast 10K data set. I’ve limited this analysis to only sites that had at least 25 rankings across our data set on July 31 (below that the data gets very noisy). Here are the top 30…

The first column is the percentage increase across the 7 days. The final column is the overall share – this is very low for all but mega-sites (Wikipedia hovers in the colossal 5% range).

Before you over-analyze, note the second column – this is the percent change from the highest July SERP share for that site. What the 7-day share doesn’t tell us is whether the site is naturally volatile. Look at (#27) for a stark example. Time Magazine saw a +19.5% lift over the 7 days, which sounds great, except that they landed on a final share that was down 54.4% from their highest point in July. As a news site, Time’s rankings are naturally volatile, and it’s unclear whether this has much to do with the algorithm update.

Similarly, LinkedIn, AMC Theaters, OpenTable, World Market, MapQuest, and RE/MAX all show highs in July that were near or above their August 7th peaks. Take their gains with a grain of salt.

Top 30 losers

We can run the same analysis for the sites that lost the most ground. In this case, the “Max %” is calculated against the July low. Again, we want to be mindful of any site where the 7-day drop looks a lot different than the drop from that site’s July low-point…

Comparing the first two columns, Verywell Health immediately stands out. While the site ended the 7-day period down 52.3%, it was up just over 200% from July lows. It turns out that this site was sitting very low during the first week of July and then saw a jump in SERP share. Interestingly, Verywell Family and Verywell Fit also appear on our top 30 losers list, suggesting that there’s a deeper story here.

Anecdotally, it’s easy to spot a pattern of health and wellness sites in this list, including big players like Prevention and LIVESTRONG. Whether this list represents the entire world of sites hit by the algorithm update is impossible to say, but our data certainly seems to echo what others are seeing.

Are you what you E-A-T?

There’s been some speculation that this update is connected to Google’s recent changes to their Quality Rater Guidelines. While it’s very unlikely that manual ratings based on the new guidelines would drive major ranking shifts (especially so quickly), it’s entirely plausible that the guideline updates and this algorithm update share a common philosophical view of quality and Google’s latest thinking on the subject.

Marie Haynes’ post theorizing the YMYL connection also raises the idea that Google may be looking more closely at E-A-T signals (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust). While certainly an interesting theory, I can’t adequately address that question with this data set. Declines in sites like Fortune, IGN and Android Central pose some interesting questions about authoritativeness and trust outside of the health and wellness vertical, but I hesitate to speculate based only on a handful of outliers.

If your site has been impacted in a material way (including significant traffic gains or drops), I’d love to hear more details in the comments section. If you’ve taken losses, try to isolate whether those losses are tied to specific keywords, keyword groups, or pages/content. For now, I’d advise that this update could still be rolling out or being tweaked, and we all need to keep our eyes open.

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The Rules of Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

Are you building links the right way? Or are you still subscribing to outdated practices? Britney Muller clarifies which link building tactics still matter and which are a waste of time (or downright harmful) in today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday.

Happy Friday, Moz fans! Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Today we are going over the rules of link building. It’s no secret that links are one of the top three ranking factors in Goggle and can greatly benefit your website. But there is a little confusion around what’s okay to do as far as links and what’s not. So hopefully, this helps clear some of that up.

The Dos
All right. So what are the dos? What do you want to be doing? First and most importantly is just to…

I. Determine the value of that link. So aside from ranking potential, what kind of value will that link bring to your site? Is it potential traffic? Is it relevancy? Is it authority? Just start to weigh out your options and determine what’s really of value for your site.

II. Local listings still do very well. These local business citations are on a bunch of different platforms, and services like Moz Local or Yext can get you up and running a little bit quicker. They tend to show Google that this business is indeed located where it says it is. It has consistent business information — the name, address, phone number, you name it. But something that isn’t really talked about all that often is that some of these local listings never get indexed by Google. If you think about it, is probably populating thousands of new listings a day. Why would Google want to index all of those?

So if you’re doing business listings, an age-old thing that local SEOs have been doing for a while is create a page on your site that says where you can find us online. Link to those local listings to help Google get that indexed, and it sort of has this boomerang-like effect on your site. So hope that helps. If that’s confusing, I can clarify down below. Just wanted to include it because I think it’s important.

III. Unlinked brand mentions. One of the easiest ways you can get a link is by figuring out who is mentioning your brand or your company and not linking to it. Let’s say this article publishes about how awesome SEO companies are and they mention Moz, and they don’t link to us. That’s an easy way to reach out and say, “Hey, would you mind adding a link? It would be really helpful.”

IV. Reclaiming broken links is also a really great way to kind of get back some of your links in a short amount of time and little to no effort. What does this mean? This means that you had a link from a site that now your page currently 404s. So they were sending people to your site for a specific page that you’ve since deleted or updated somewhere else. Whatever that might be, you want to make sure that you 301 this broken link on your site so that it pushes the authority elsewhere. Definitely a great thing to do anyway.

V. HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Reporters will notify you of any questions or information they’re seeking for an article via this email service. So not only is it just good general PR, but it’s a great opportunity for you to get a link. I like to think of link building as really good PR anyway. It’s like digital PR. So this just takes it to the next level.

VI. Just be awesome. Be cool. Sponsor awesome things. I guarantee any one of you watching likely has incredible local charities or amazing nonprofits in your space that could use the sponsorship, however big or small that might be. But that also gives you an opportunity to get a link. So something to definitely consider.

VII. Ask/Outreach. There’s nothing wrong with asking. There’s nothing wrong with outreach, especially when done well. I know that link building outreach in general kind of gets a bad rap because the response rate is so painfully low. I think, on average, it’s around 4% to 7%, which is painful. But you can get that higher if you’re a little bit more strategic about it or if you outreach to people you already currently know. There’s a ton of resources available to help you do this better, so definitely check those out. We can link to some of those below.

VIII. COBC (create original badass content). We hear lots of people talk about this. When it comes to link building, it’s like, “Link building is dead. Just create great content and people will naturally link to you. It’s brilliant.” It is brilliant, but I also think that there is something to be said about having a healthy mix. There’s this idea of link building and then link earning. But there’s a really perfect sweet spot in the middle where you really do get the most bang for your buck.

The Don’ts
All right. So what not to do. The don’ts of today’s link building world are…

I. Don’t ask for specific anchor text. All of these things appear so spammy. The late Eric Ward talked about this and was a big advocate for never asking for anchor text. He said websites should be linked to however they see fit. That’s going to look more natural. Google is going to consider it to be more organic, and it will help your site in the long run. So that’s more of a suggestion. These other ones are definitely big no-no’s.

II. Don’t buy or sell links that pass PageRank. You can buy or sell links that have a no-follow attached, which attributes that this is paid-for, whether it be an advertisement or you don’t trust it. So definitely looking into those and understanding how that works.
III. Hidden links. We used to do this back in the day, the ridiculous white link on a white background. They were totally hidden, but crawlers would pick them up. Don’t do that. That’s so old and will not work anymore. Google is getting so much smarter at understanding these things.

IV. Low-quality directory links. Same with low-quality directory links. We remember those where it was just loads and loads of links and text and a random auto insurance link in there. You want to steer clear of those.

V. Site-wide links also look very spammy. Site wide being whether it’s a footer link or a top-level navigation link, you definitely don’t want to go after those. They can appear really, really spammy. Avoid those.

VI. Comment links with over-optimized anchor link text, specifically, you want to avoid. Again, it’s just like any of these others. It looks spammy. It’s not going to help you long term. Again, what’s the value of that overall? So avoid that.

VII. Abusing guest posts. You definitely don’t want to do this. You don’t want to guest post purely just for a link. However, I am still a huge advocate, as I know many others out there are, of guest posting and providing value. Whether there be a link or not, I think there is still a ton of value in guest posting. So don’t get rid of that altogether, but definitely don’t target it for potential link building opportunities.

VIII. Automated tools used to create links on all sorts of websites. ScrapeBox is an infamous one that would create the comment links on all sorts of blogs. You don’t want to do that.

IX. Link schemes, private link networks, and private blog networks. This is where you really get into trouble as well. Google will penalize or de-index you altogether. It looks so, so spammy, and you want to avoid this.

X. Link exchange. This is in the same vein as the link exchanges, where back in the day you used to submit a website to a link exchange and they wouldn’t grant you that link until you also linked to them. Super silly. This stuff does not work anymore, but there are tons of opportunities and quick wins for you to gain links naturally and more authoritatively.

So hopefully, this helps clear up some of the confusion. One question I would love to ask all of you is: To disavow or to not disavow? I have heard back-and-forth conversations on either side on this. Does the disavow file still work? Does it not? What are your thoughts? Please let me know down below in the comments.

Thank you so much for tuning in to this edition of Whiteboard Friday. I will see you all soon. Thanks.

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